1. Branding Shoots

    07 Sep 2020
    Authenticity, Passion and Connection In the current climate, small businesses need to stand up and be noticed. Large businesses are panicking and throwing hundreds of thousands of pounds at their marketing department and buying up Google Adwords like they’re going out of fashion. So how on earth do you counteract…

  2. Best of Weddings 2019

    13 Jan 2020
    Wedding photography is exceptionally important, and I know very few photographers who don’t approach each Big Day with a certain amount of trepidation or anxiety. What makes my job so easy, however, is that I get to know the couples first, usually over lunch or a beer. Whilst getting to…

  3. Best of 2019

    02 Jan 2020
    2019 was an amazing year for me.  From Stamford Bridge to the French Ambassador’s House and from The Savoy to The Southbank Center via Canterbury Cathederal I shot events in a lot of very important, and impressive, buildings. I also went to a couple of convention centres, but the buildings…

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