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Branding Shoot

£350.00 GBP

In the current climate, small businesses need to stand up and be noticed. Large businesses are panicking and throwing hundreds of thousands of pounds at their marketing department and buying up Google Adwords like they’re going out of fashion. So how on earth do you counteract that? By directly appealing to your customer base, and going out and finding them. My ethos has always been that if you appeal to a very small number of people who really, really, really love what you do, they’ll tell their friends who really like what you do…and so on. Word spreads very quickly once people realise you’re doing something interesting, fun, exciting or, simply, better than others.  With branding shoots, my aim is to get people to see that you care deeply about what you do, and they should cross that boundary from being a passive observer to being an active consumer. Emotive, authentic images, video and text that convey that passion you have will connect with your desired audience and transform your business. And that’s the best bit about what I do. I believe in you, so they will too!

My shoots all work the same way:

  • Start with a with a cup of tea (Earl Grey usually!) over which I find out exactly what you do and why you do it. 
  • Shoot some photo and video, either of your work or out and about for some portraits or a combination of both. 
  • Edit the photos and videos together, checking with you all the way that it’s what you want and that it matches your vision.
  • Write some accompanying copy for your website or social media.
  • Advise on the best practice for usage and how you can get the best photos for social media. This step is ongoing, I often advise for months if not years after the initial shoot, and sometimes come back to do a little ‘top up’ shoot if things change.

If you’d like to discuss a branding shoot with me please do get in touch. I love businesses of all kinds, from big to small and whatever you produce, do or sell!

Email me or fill the form in here and lets get discussing your dreams, ambitions and plans over a lovely cup of coffee.

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