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From time to time I am required to write copy (or text) to accompany the images and video I produce. On occasion, I am asked to write copy first and produce images/video afterwards. This is a collection of work I have produced. Click the links below to see the posts in situ.

Trafalgar Tavern - Champagane Alternatives -Trafalgar Tavern Champagne 

Brief - Upsell champagne alternatives, create talking points around sparkling wine, introduce other menu items to accompany.

Champagne - Not The Be All And End All Of Bubbles

“Champagne is simply one of the elegant extras of life.”So said The Trafalgar Tavern’s own regular patron Charles Dickens. And we totally agree. Sometimes, only a coupe or flute of bubbles will do it. But, back in the mid 1800s, he probably didn’t have access to the incredible range of Sparkling Wine, Prosecco, Cava, Sekt, Spumante etc that we do now, and because we love exploring the various delights that can come from a bottle of bubbles, here’s a little run down of some of our favourites.

Prosecco is the delightfully common alternative now, and our Canal Grando is one of the most popular on the market, for good reason. It’s light and fizzy nature lends itself to easy, uncomplicated drinking and its acidity matches tastefully in Aperitivo or Floral combinations for cocktails. With its name protected, much like Champagne is, you can be guaranteed both quality and precision with each glass of this easy going drink.

Sparkling Wine doesn’t have to come from somewhere hot and exotic to be exciting and interesting. Some of the best are grown right here in the UK. For instance, our Blanc De Blancs from Wiston Farm in Sussex is a Multiple Gold Award Winner and held both the Best in Class and Gold Medal in the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championship 2014. Elegant and complete, with great finesse and a long finish, it is the perfect wine made for eating fish and chips whilst overlooking the river.

​As an alternative to traditional sparkling wines, Rosé Brut is the classic choice. Our Gocce Di Favola is made from both Pinot Noir and the indigenous variety Raboso Piave grapes. Raboso Piave is a late ripening variety which produces deeply coloured wines with high acidity and brings a zingy freshness to this blend. The vines are grown in the Treviso province of the Veneto region, where the warm Mediterranean sunshine helps to create the perfect microclimate to produce wines with vibrant, ripe fruit flavours. In every glass, the sunshine comes through and it warms from the inside out.

​Alcoholic content doesn’t define a good drink, however. Traditionally at sporting events such as Formula One, winners are given a bottle of Champagne to celebrate with. However, in countries where Alcohol is not part of the culture, such as Bahrain, they are given Waard instead, which is a rosewater and pomegranate drink. Our favourite family friendly sparkler is the Virgin Hugo, which is a refreshing Mint, Elderflower and Lime combination that’s served over soda water and ice. 

But, for when only true Champagne will do, we offer Brut Champagne Collet. It’s bright golden nature has a fine stream of bubbles and complex aromas of white flowers, lemon zest, quince and white peach. Delicate hints of spice, anise and herbs are layered with rich notes of puff pastry. A refreshing palate with gentle bubbles, a balanced texture and a wonderful crunch of freshness on the finish help to make every glass truly special, and it certainly sets the tone for any occasion.

If this blog has got your palate tingling, make sure to book a table with us and quaff a glass or two over a sharing platter!

Trafalgar Tavern - Coronavirus Update - Trafalgar Tavern - Coronavirus 

Brief - convey the processess undertaken to adhere to government guidelines for health and safety regarding Coronavirus, written in August 2020

Coronavirus - Precautions We’re Taking

It feels like a long time since we were allowed to reopen. Lots of changes, many of them major, have kept us on our toes. We’re proud to say, however, that we are almost back to a full working routine. Our kitchen is producing plate after plate of fantastic food and our dedicated bar staff are masked or wearing visors while serving your drinks. Most importantly you – our wonderful customers – are turning up in your droves to spend time with us. Words can’t express how grateful we are that you do.

If you’re concerned about what measures we’re taking to keep our customers and staff safe, here’s a list:

Opening Times and Bookings

We are now open from 11am until 10pm (for now!) every day. We highly recommend booking if you’re planning to come and join us as we are limited to the number of customers we can have inside at any time. We are currently only allowed to accept reservations of six (or lower) unless you are visiting as a household or support bubble which is larger than six.

Face masks

We kindly ask that unless you are sat at a table, eating or drinking, that you wear a face mask or visor when you walk around the restaurant or visit the toilets. 

Social distancing

Markers are clearly labelled on the floor, and tables are spaced out comfortably. The Nile bar is now open to extend our pub area, and we’ve extended our outside area with both standing and seated tables for when the sun shines, plus we’ve got outside BBQ and draft taps so you don’t even need to go inside to grab a pint or a burger when it’s really busy.


There are two sets of toilets for hand washing and lots of hand sanitising stations around for when you need it. All the surfaces and touch points are sanitised frequently and all our staff are wearing face coverings or visors. To reduce contact between staff and customers we’re encouraging the use of contactless to pay.

Test and Trace

You will be required to leave some information for us by scanning the QR code. This info will be kept highly confidential and will only be used for us to contact you in case of the emergency situation that one of our customers or staff has been diagnosed with Covid-19. This is, hopefully, extremely unlikely, as we are heavily requesting that anyone showing any symptoms stays at home, but we have to be prepared in case of the worst case scenario.

New menu 

The items we’ve selected have all been chosen because they’re delicious, classic and we can guarantee it will be excellent every single time within the safety guidelines. Our Sunday roasts and proper fish and chips are still available, as is an excellent charcuterie board, an awesome veggie burger and some truly stunning wagyu beef croquettes. And the best thing is they can all be ordered for take away, just mention it when ordering at the bar.

Layout changes

At really busy times we’re operating a one way system, so if you’re planning on coming down at a weekend please be aware of this and listen to our staff if they ask you to follow our set procedures.

We’re adapting as new government information comes out and we are being as flexible as possible, whilst ensuring that you always get the best experience we can give you.

If there’s any more you feel we can be doing, or you just want to tell us how good we were, please drop us an email - we truly value all feedback!

Trafalgar Tavern - Horatio Nelson’s Birthday - Trafalgar Tavern - Nelson

Brief - celebrate Nelsons birthday with a biography and include images of the lifesize bronze statue of Nelson which is outside the venue, and historical paintings, which are displayed inside the venue. Written in a patriotic, inspiring manner.

Nelson & Trafalgar - Brief History of Britain’s Greatest Hero

On 21 October 1805 Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount, 1st Duke of Bronté led his men into the Battle of Trafalgar which would be one of Britain’s greatest naval victories, but it would also be Nelson’s last - he was killed by a sharpshooter whilst aboard his beloved HMS Victory. His influence and legacy has lived on long after his death, and he is widely regarded as Britain’s most heroic figures.

But who was he?

Horatio Nelson was born in Norfolk in 1758, the sixth of eleven children. Joining the navy at age 12 and becoming a captain just eight years later, he served in the Baltic, Canada and West Indies. Around 1784 he met Francis Nisbet in Nevis and in 1787 they were married, moving back to Norfolk not long after. 
After war broke out in France in 1793 he commissioned the 64-Gun HMS Agamemnon where his battle achievements, bold movements and defiance of orders made him a popular hero amongst his men. However, his wife begged him to display some restraint lest his actions cause him further serious damage, having already lost sight in his right eye in Calvi. Her worries were proven correct in 1797 when at the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife he lost most of his right arm, and he returned home to recuperate. 

Back on the seas the next year, he aided his forces to victory over Napoleon at the Battle Of The Nile, destroying the French fleet and any hopes they had for a direct trade route to India. Naples became his next station, where he met and fell in love with Lady Emma Hamilton, who he considered his soul mate. They had a child together, Horatia, in 1801 the same year that Nelson was promoted to Vice-Admiral. By this time his Leadership had become the stuff of legend, and under his leadership, the Royal Navy had proven their dominance over the French fleet from 1794 to 1805. In October of that year, Napoleon was once again threatening to invade Britain, and in a final flourish of supreme skill and daring, Nelson led his troops to battle and eradicated the threat, but by paying the ultimate price. His body was preserved in Brandy and transported home to lay in state in Greenwich’s Painted Hall before being given a grand state funeral at Westminster Abbey - an ending as grandiose as befits a man of his stature. 

The Trafalgar Tavern has over 200 pieces of artwork dedicated to depicting Nelson’s various battles and achievements, as well as portraits of him and his trusted officers, not to mention the various landscapes of Greenwich and the surrounding areas and other unique and notable artworks and artefacts. Much of our Tavern is dedicated to his many notable achievements, including the larger-than-life bronze statue that reigns supreme over our drinks terrace - we are incredibly proud of the legacy he represents. He was renowned for being sympathetic and for leading with love rather than authority and fear; able to inspire through courage, commitment and charisma, and in the current world climate, these are all attributes that we believe we should all be aspiring to embody.

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