Best of 2020

Well, 2020 was a year. As a freelance photographer, I’m used to being in different locations with a whole variety of clients and subjects and my year started exceptionally well in this regard with the first three months seeing me travel a lot, from Barcalona and Blackpool via Budapest. Other places not starting with B that I visited include Oberhausen, Manchester, Ely and Margate.  After that, my schedule became a lot more…sparse.  Over June and July I barely shot at all, bar a few portrait sessions with friends, but when I got hired by the Trafalgar Tavern to do their Marketing and Social Media I was able to use my pre-existing skillset to produce some original content for their streams. Sadly, however, this job ended up being curtailed, but I ended up rounding off my year I worked with The Teamakers of London as their resident photographer, getting up close and personal with over 100 different teas! There were a few great portrait sessions in the final four months, as well as a corporate event and I was even able to photograph a friends wedding - a supreme high point!
Overall, whilst it was a challenging year, I fell into a groove fairly quickly. I’m was never one to leave the house without reason anyway! The thing that really hurt though was the fact that restaurants had to close, and 2020 really felt like the year where I was really going to make a difference in hospitality. Nevertheless I reframed my focus, stood back and took stock. I made do with what I had - and that was an excellent group of friends to work with and a range of fantastic places to go. I can only hope that 2021 gives me the same level of opportunities to tell stories and produce excellent photographs with excellent people.
To see my full gallery of photos from 2020 please click here


I was incredibly lucky to work with a lot of interesting people in a lot of different places. Amongst my very varied subjects were Vinny Jones at Stamford Bridge, a Rabbi in his office, an ex-boxer in an abandoned tunnel, a couple of politicians outside of parliament and a whole lot of professional wrestlers backstage at shows, not to mention the friends I visited at home. As I said - varied! See more shots here:


Working at the Trafalgar Tavern gave me a first hand view to an excellent kitchen and cocktail bar, which meant that even though I wasn’t technically their photographer I still got to get up close and personal with some delicious treats! See more shots here:


I was invited to shoot at a grand total of four corporate events in 2020, and February saw me head off to wonderful Budapest to shoot the Five Guys annual conference - an event that saw me take two of my largest ever group portraits! See more shots here:


October saw me start a role with The Teamakers of London, and over the course of three months I learned more about tea than I ever realised there was to know! From Oolongs to Ceylons I had the opportunity to work with over 100 different types of tea as well as luxury teawares. It was a real growth experience for me, and definitely one I will take a lot of different techniques and practices away from. See more here:

And then there are the photos which I really like but don’t really fit into any category including landscape shots of Dungeoness, closeups of intricate artworks and some wonderful sunset shots over the Thames. See more of them here:

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