About Me

Hello I'm Oli! I like photography and making people smile. Sometimes, people even smile in my photos!
I started shooting in 2008 and started my business in 2015. Since then I've specialised in Weddings, Corporate Events, Restaurants and Portraiture throughout London and the UK, though I never give up the opportunity to travel or shoot something new and interesting. The best thing about what I do is the passionate people I work with, all of them extremely driven and dedicated to success and delivering high quality. These people drive me to have the same standards, which I attempt to maintain every day.

My photography style has been described as 'relaxed and observant with a keen eye for detail' and I am known to 'go to any lengths in order to get the photo' (this quote was referring to the time I scaled a 20ft ladder onto a roof in my best suit in order to get all of a wide crowd in!).
I obsess over details and colour, and I tend to find humour and little funny details to break up any monotony or repetition that could start creeping in.
More often than not I let my subject speak for itself. I rarely pose people or food, preferring for a more natural approach that reflects the energy and disposition.
If I feel it, I shoot it. I very rarely fake it. (Unless it's that one time I was shooting the first kiss and the vicar sneezed on me, I did ask for the first kiss to be redone that time...)
When not shooting I can be found eating Pizza and drinking Cocktails, playing board games (OBSESSED with Tokaido and Takenoko right now) or just hanging out with my wife and friends and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells that the world has to offer.

Thanks for reading this blurb, and if it's made you interested in hiring me for something (even if you don't actually have anything to shoot!) please absolutely drop me a line using the form below and let's go for a coffee and chat over details.

- Oli


Get In Touch!

Even if you haven't got a fully formed idea of what you want your photographer to do, please drop me a message. I develop ideas all the time, and I have a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom to bring scraps of ideas together into a full concept and plan.
But if you DO have an idea of what you want, please tell me. I love as much info as I can get!
Any questions are great, and all prices are bespoke so the only way you'll know is to ask.

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