Pricing Info

I have a few different pricing structures for various things that I shoot, but the numbers are all roughly the same and what you get for your money is clearly laid out. All sessions include a free consultation and a downloadable folder of the photos, which can be downloaded multiple times by different people. All the photos are delivered as Full Resolution JPGs and can be printed at very large sizes. You are welcome to take the photos to the high-street and get them printed, however my printing services are cheaper and use professional photographic labs that only professional photographers have access to. Packages including prints are available, please ask for more details.


Portraits and Headshots starting from £200

Whether you need professional headshots to get more work, you want a lovely photo of you and your family or you just fancy being in front of the camera for an afternoon, I can offer stunning portraits to fit all of these purposes.

Portraits start at £200 for a two hour studio or location setting. This means we meet up either in my studio or on a predetermined location and work our way through two hours of different and interesting poses. You will end up with the best 20 fully edited portraits to walk away with, having first seen a contact sheet of all the best photos so you can choose your favourites. Costume and makeup changes are unlimited.


  • More time. Sometimes two hours isn't enough to fit all your ideas in. £80 per hour after two hours.

  • A combined location/studio shoot or multiple locations. Available for £20 extra per location.

  • More results from the shoot. You can order more fully edited portraits for £10 per 5.

  • Makeup artist or stylist on shoot. Price dependant on requirements.

  • 8x10 printing and branding/design available for merchandise sales, please ask for details.


Events starting from £120

From family get-togethers to corporate product launches and everything in between, events are a speciality for me.

Prices start at £120 per hour (minimum of 2 hours) for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday with discounts being offered for a midweek event. I generally arrange to get to the venue just before the party kicks off and I'll stay until either the event ends or it just feels right to pack up! I never promise how many photos you'll get, it's impossible to tell beforehand, but I can guarantee that I'll take photos of anything and everything that interests me, makes me smile or looks fun!


  • Second photographer. For big events sometimes its worth having two set of eyes on everything to make sure everything is captured. £40 per hour.

  • Videographer. For when photos aren't enough to tell the full story and you need a little more, video is the perfect way to go. A service performed by affiliate studios, they charge £200 to £500 per event.

  • Post-party printed goodies. These are a great way to remember the event. I provide Photo Books of all sizes, from tiny square ones to huge coffee table books, I have links with printers and publishers that enable your photos to look incredible at any size


Weddings and Civil Ceremonies from £1000

Packages include:

  • You choose how long you want me at your wedding for, from a short 4 hours up to partying the night away.

  • Myself and an assistant on the day.

  • Lots and lots of high res' photos on a USB. In colour and black & white. Its impossible to give an exact amount, but you can expect 500+ photos to be delivered.

  • Secure online gallery to share with your family and friends.

  • £100 print credit.

Extra bits

  • Pre wedding photoshoot ~ £120 (Including high res photos, and a signing book or signing frame)

  • 2nd photographer ~ £200

  • Photo book wedding albums ~ from £200

  • Fine art wedding album ~ From £500


Commercial/ Corporate starting from £200

A variety of services aimed at enhancing small businesses including:

  • Product / Pack shots
  • Location photography
  • Food photography
  • Corporate headshots

Packages start from £200 for a variety of services in one package, please enquire further for more information.


For more information on anything above please get in touch.