Compelling, inspiring and enthralling text should draw a reader in and engage them in the first line. If you’ve carried on reading, I’ve already done that job well!

I create bespoke prose for over 20 companies and individuals primarily within the photography and imaging industry, with a global readership of well over 3 million people. I have actively helped individuals become companies and smaller companies expand and grow and would love the opportunity to work with you. 

Bespoke and continuous online blogging services are provided for dozens of brands and companies targeted to varied audiences and mixed demographics over 3 continents and across 7 countries including the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa.


The copy created varies from basic one-off business stories for information pages through to ongoing complex instructional, exploratory and expositional blog content. Examples of the latter include how-to blogs and help topics, though the copy I write is not limited to any specific use.

The prose is targeted towards a key demographic and is based on a barebones layout worked out between myself and the client giving scope to use a roadmap to expand upon. My most popular package provides enough content to post three times a week and is bespoke to the client dependant on requirements and package structure.

 I use images, video and video to split the text up and give context to the copy I create, which links in to my commercial photography business (found elsewhere on this site)

All blogposts are bespoke, unique and organic to each client and are totally anonymous on my end with all posts coming from within each company. This gives customers confidence which builds trust and loyalty, both of which are vital to the success of a small business. A Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed with each company to ensure this anonymity.

Prices vary from £50 for a single ‘about me’ section through to £5000 for six months worth of unique blog content but as each package is bespoke please get in touch for a quote.

I also control the social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest for many companies and individuals managing content on a number of platforms and giving customers a reason to emotionally (and therefore financially) invest. Acting as moderator and primary point of call for customers I enable business owners to run their business without having to worry about actively engaging with their customers until it suits them. All content comes from the business owners I simply action it and give it context. 

The journey begins with a social media strategy which plans out who you wish to target, the interactions you wish to have, the posts you desire and understanding your statistic and and growth reports. Working along with your SEO and branding team this pathway will enable you to grow on your terms. Content marketing is proven to work and all-but guarantee’s results.

Again, NDA’s restrict me from naming whom I am active for but many brands and businesses are well known and respected. 

Packages start from an evaluation and consult for just £100 up to a full on overhaul of your streams for £1000 per month, but prices are bespoke dependant on demand.