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Taking photos of people is awesome, they all think differently and have different inspirations for how they want to look. Actors in character are especially interesting to me because they're playing a part , which means that even if they hate photos of themselves they're often ready and willing to have many photos taken when they're 'in the zone'. I try to make people as comfortable as possible in front of the lens, cracking jokes and making conversation, but often this technique doesn't work when the person is conveying emotion. This then calls for 'mood music'. One actor was portraying a Del Boy type character, for which we played the theme song to Only Fools and Horses over and over again. Another portrays an Indian, so we played Desi and Bangla music, and so on. This was not only productive in terms of emotion and posing but made the shoot go quicker and felt more like playing around with friends then working too hard, which is exactly the reason I got into photography!

Sid Scala - Wrestler RJ Singh - Wrestling PortraitureFuture Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion


Actors in character were only half the session, the other half were actors, models and dancers needing headshots. Having worked with a headshot photographer I understood the principles behind what which photos I needed to produce; a range of relevant emotions and a few neutral ones. Using the age old technique of cracking jokes and making the subject comfortable meant that the shoot was easy and the photos were natural and both the subject and I were happy with the results. 

Adi Suissa - Dancer Alexandria - Model

This session was a lot of fun, but I also feel I produced some of my best work to date, having not worked with an infinity screen before allowed me to experiment with full length, kneeling and various other types of posing as well as playing around with a lens I borrowed for the day, 85mm f1.4, which allows for super sharp, crisp, deep focus. Though I got the shots the clients wanted, I also got a few just for me to play around with.


Jinny - Actor and Model RJ Singh - Wrestling Portraiture

Overall, I was really happy with the session and am looking forward to my next bookings! If you are interested please get in touch and quote 'BLOG' for a reduced rate of just £50!


To see the full sets of photos please visit the Collection here:


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