Oli was born in London and amongst being able to quote pretty much every Simpsons episode, is a globally published Events and Portrait photographer. He first picked up a camera in 2006, realised he could make money from taking photos in 2008, working in nightclubs whilst at university and by 2013 was working full time as an Event and Portrait photographer. Today he is a highly regarded Professional Wrestling photographer and shoots at shows and events all around Europe and has been published in Pro Wrestling Illustrated (USA), The Daily Star (UK), Fighting Spirit Magazine (UK), The Tag Rope (UK) and Power-Wrestling (GER).

When not at ringside, Food photography is also something that Oli is making a name for himself in, with images frequently being published in The Caterer and The Food and Drink Guide. With over 250 venues shot in the last 3 years he is known for using powerful colours and crisp details to make the edible look incredible.

"Honest storytelling through the subtle details” is a phrase he says a lot in reference to his favourite sort of photography. Very little of his work is set up or planned with spontaneity being his favourite way to capture a moment and this translates particularly well to Weddings and Social Gatherings where Oli can observe special occasions to capture the laughs, tears and cheers from brides, grooms, family and friends for the best way to capture a moment perfectly.

Storytelling also applies to Portrait photography, and this is a skill and a passion that Oli has been working on his entire career. He first started experimenting with angles and composition using film cameras when he was 16 and now although the equipment has been upgraded and the techniques refined he still focuses on telling an intelligent and emotive story by bringing the subtle, obvious and obscure details together, using a body and a location as a vessel for the story. 

Outside of photography, Oli enjoys cooking and eating great food and is consistently referred to as a Coffee Hipster due to his liking for obscure ways to get his caffeine fix. An evening off will usually consist of a home cooked meal and either a few episodes of the current box set or a round of Monopoly with his partner Flo.

Only 40 minutes from London, his Rochester studio is ideally situated for both peaceful studio sessions and full on-location photoshoots. 

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